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Dr Lu Ming

From 2001 to 2005 Lu Ming worked as a PhD students in the Planar Optical Materials Group, led by Professor Peter Smith, on novel channel waveguides, PPLN fabrication and SHG applications projects. He is currently interested in Second Harmonic Generation by using fibre lasers with linear polarization.

Lu Ming has recently played a major role in the expansion of ORC spin-out, SPI Lasers, into China.

“Strong sales growth over the past year in fibre lasers for a wide variety of micro machining applications requires a solid base of applications, product service and business management in China. Due to the strong Chinese economy and huge market, more and more foreign companies have moved their manufacturing facility to China, this brings a lot of business opportunities to the local laser market.

SPI Lasers is aimed at industrial manufacturing and applications, so in 2006 I formed the Representative Office of SPI Lasers in Shenzhen China and now the company is well placed to take advantage of the commercial opportunities offered by China, one of the world leaders in manufacturing.

My role as Chief Representative and Business Support Manager–China is to control and manage the local distributor’s sales team to promote the fibre laser application and maximize sales, as well as develop existing and new accounts in China.

I am also involved in the promotion of the novel application of fibre lasers in China. New green energy markets are emerging across the world and they will require mass production and dramatic cost reductions that China, in particular, is often able to deliver. Solar cell production, hybrid batteries and fuel cells are products that use lasers within their production process to cut, scribe or weld. SPI’s lasers can improve on results from traditional DPSS lasers whilst offering the key benefits of reduced running costs and increased productivity.

China will certainly play a major role in SPI’s business for 2007 and we will continue to run laser evaluation and application development programs to bring new fibre laser processing applications to Chinese industry and integrators.

Our applications laboratories in the USA and China are busy developing new processing techniques that fully utilize the intensity and stability of the fibre lasers.

New fibre lasers are required by customers in China, for example, 1000W fibre laser, 2.0µm fibre laser, linear polarization fibre laser etc, and I believe that with the strong research and development links and support from the ORC, SPI will continue to expand their market share in the laser world.

Before joining SPI Lasers, I was Account Manager at HTC Europe (UK) and Project Manager in JDSU (Shenzhen). Early in 1994, I worked on an optical fibre and components project at Draxler International PLC. There I established business operations in Shanghai and Shenzhen China.

My time at the ORC was pleasurable and very important in my life, not only because the ORC has a large number of well-equipped laboratories and advanced facilities for optoelectronic research, but also because I had the chance to work with top people in this field in a family atmosphere where people share ideas and experiences.

The crazy idea discussions during our group lunch every Wednesday are still fresh in my memory along with all the various activities, such as Lightwave, Sport ladder and the barbeques organized by the OSA student chapter. These activities provided me with a chance to meet people in different groups.

All of this has prepared me to confidently face the challenges in the optoelectronics industrial field.”

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