Group Members

Prof James Wilkinson
tel: +44(0) 23 8059 2792

Dr Senthil Ganapathy
tel: +44(0) 23 8059 7811

Dr Ping Hua
tel: +44(0) 23 8059 3133

Jonathan Butement
tel: +44(0) 23 8059 2959

Neil Sessions
tel: +44(0) 23 8059 2960


Amy Sen Kay Tong
tel: +44(0) 23 8059 2956

PhD projects with this group

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Integrated Photonic Devices

Current projects

Integration of Nd3+-doped microspheres and optical planar waveguide for microlasers

Ms Yuwapat Panitchob

Microsphere resonators within the micrometer range can support very high Q values. This high Q value represents many promising characteristics such as low cavity loss that builds up a long cavity life time, and narrow band width. With their remarkable characteristics, microsphere resonators can be used in various applications such as microlasers. In this work, microspheres are doped with Neodymium ions and it can be excited to achieve a laser action. The challenge on making microsphere lasers will be accomplished with the evanescent wave excitation, with the use of an optical planar waveguide, in order to achieve a low laser threshold pump power. This method is believed to be one of the most applicable methods to couple the light evanescently into the microsphere resonators, and it has a low cost of fabrication.

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