Optical Fibre Communications

Current projects

Our current research projects are focussed on a number of key topics associated with the development of the technologies, components and network concepts required to realise the all optical networks of the future. In particular, we have a number of projects concerned with developing all optical data processing techniques that will allow us to avoid the current requirement to convert signals into the electrical domain for processing, and which otherwise results in reduced transmission bandwidth. Another central theme is the development of the new technologies and approaches for high performance low cost access networks. A list of current projects along with an associated list of recent publications is provided below.

Active project areas include amongst others:

  • Optical regenerators based on SPM and offset spectral filtering
  • Superstructured fibre gratings for pulse shaping applications
  • Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) systems based on grating technology
  • Applications of parabolic pulses in telecoms
  • Telecommunications applications of highly nonlinear holey fibres
  • Slow light generation and its applications
  • Applications of high power lasers in optical communications
  • Complete pulse characterisation and monitoring techniques
  • SOA based noise reduction for access networks

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