Optical Fibre Communications

Postgraduate research opportunities

  • Optical processing and transmission in future optical networks
    Future, high capacity (multi-Terabit) optical networks will require as much of the data generation, routing and control to be performed in the optical domain - moving electrons around in electronic circuits is simply too slow. This project will focus on exploring new concepts in optical switching and processing and applying these to increasing optical network functionality and capacity. The project builds upon existing in-house research programs. Specific topics of research will concern optical regeneration of signals, optical header recognition and routing and bit-rate transmission and signal monitoring.
  • Optical code division multiple access network technology
    Code division multiple access is a spread spectrum communications technique that has been applied with a great deal of success to the mobile communication industry. CDMA allows many separate users of a network to independently share the same bandwidth with low cross-talk, low noise and high efficiency. This project concerns applying these same concepts and techniques within the optical domain to facilitate new functions and improved security within all-optical networks.

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