Optical Biosensors & Biophotonics

Our research

Submicron fabrication of biomolecular patterns using optical methods

We have developed a new method for writing of biomolecular patterns on silicon in sub-micron scales using the interference of light. In the first instance DNA patterned surfaces were fabricated. Covalent attachment of DNA oligonucleotides accessible towards hybridisation with a complementary sequence was achieved with very high density (one oligonucleotide per 16 nm²). Further development of the surface attachment chemistry has provided DNA modified patterned substrates for hybridisation with long DNA fragments.

The optical writing method has recently been achieved for the attachment of proteins.

Present activities include exploitation of the patterned surfaces for 

  1. optical biosensing (in collaboration with Prof. Tom Brown, School of Chemistry)
  2. bioseparation (in collaboration with Prof. Colin Please, School of Mathematics)
  3. assembly of nano-materials on patterned surfaces

Funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

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