High Power Fibre Lasers

PhD projects

1. Kilowatt fibre sources

The core of this project is the development of fibre lasers powered by diode stacks. The objective of the project is to study effects of power scaling in high power fibre lasers.

2. Compact high power fibre devices operating in near‑infrared

This project is about development of compact Yb‑doped, Nd‑doped, Tm-doped and Er/Yb doped fibre lasers and amplifiers pumped by broad stripe laser diodes. The objective of the project is to study various regimes of operation of such devices. Both new, difficult, wavelengths (such as 900 nm, 980 nm, 1480 nm, 1700 nm) as well as traditional ones (1060 nm, 1550 nm) will be considered

3. Cladding-pumped Raman fibre devices

We have recently demonstrated the first cladding-pumped Raman fibre devices. This new class of high-power fibre devices have radically new properties that open up for a number of new pulsed and cw sources at very high powers.

4. Pulsed high-energy, high-power, fibre devices

The ORC has a long track record of world-leading Q-switched fibre lasers. These are looking increasingly attractive for various real-world applications, that we plan to access with a focused research project.

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