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We welcome collaboration

We would welcome a chance to work with you and provide a solution to your needs, in a joint research project or in a project funded by you. While our focus is on active fibers and devices, cw and pulsed, including rare-earth-doped and Raman fibers, our interest extends to related science, technology and applications such asfrequency-doubling and materials processing.

High powers (exceeding even 1 kW average output power), erbium-ytterbium doped fibers at eyesafe telecom wavelengths (~1550 nm), three-level operation of cladding-pumped fiber lasers (980 nm, 900 nm), cladding-pumped Raman fibers, and pulsed devices are areas that we are actively looking to pursue, but we welcome new ideas. To get a feel for what we can do, please look at our papers . Or ask us. The very rapid progress means that a focused research effort started today may well improve current state-of-the art performance by an order of magnitude.

We collaborate extensively with commercial partners and enjoy significant repeat business. See the collaboration web page for a selection of the industrial and academic organizations that we collaborate with worldwide.

Besides full-fledged research projects, we can also use our facilities for simpler tasks such as high-power testing of components. Specialty fibers are available on a commercial or in some cases on a collaborative basis.

We welcome applications from prospective visitors, students, and staff.


We are only able to cover very small research efforts with our own funds, so any major project would have to be funded. One possibility is to make a joint funding application to EPSRC, the Royal Society, Horizon 2020, or another funding agency. EPSRC and the Royal Society are primarily for academic research, while commercial exploitation is an important aspect of EU (Horizon 2020) funding. We welcome any suggestions for joint funding applications.

Funding applications take time, success is uncertain, and there are many regulations to adhere to. Direct funding from you to us is a quicker option where we together set all the rules and objectives for a research project.

Some of these sources can also be used to fund students, visitors, and staff. Since funding is always a challenge, an applicant who can provide his/her own funding stands a much better chance. You can apply on your own, or together with us. Good ideas and proposals are always welcome! Industrially funded CASE studentships offer a way to top up student grants.

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